Protection of business data

Innovative isolation mechanisms ensure separation of business and private data on application and system level. Thus, Apps from the private domain cannot access enterprise data or applications.

No restrictions for private use

BizzTrust enables employees unrestricted smartphone usage for private purposes. The security policy enforcement is seamlessly integrated into the Android system, maintaining the intuitive and familiar look-and-feel.

Secure enterprise communication (encryption)

Secure and flexible VPN technology assures confidential communication with enterprise infrastructure and services. BizzTrust can restrict access to specific enterprise resources depending on accessing Apps or device status.

Remote management and update

BizzTrust devices are automatically kept up-to-date. Supported by management services within the enterprise infrastructure, administrators can verify the status of the enterprise compartment on employees' smartphones and deploy appropriate updates.

Automatic policy enforcement

Every time a device connects to the enterprise network, the BizzTrust network admission system conducts a remote security assessment of the phone's system state. Compliance violations are detected, reported and resource access is restricted until conflicts are resolved by automated or manual recovery services.

Support of bring your own device strategy

BizzTrust is specifically designed to support the secure use of employee-owned Android smartphones. Policy enforcement mechanisms are integrated deeply into the Android OS, yet designed to be portable and compatible with current and future commercial Android phones.